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Vinnere av Quizen

Dagfinn Hamstad vant Quizen med beste poengsum.
Tommy Erlandsen kom som en god nummer to.

1.premie T-shirt og 2 CD'er
2.premie t-shirt og cd
Vinnerne blir tilskrevet.

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Thanks to Unit Five
skrevet av Ilkka Pirhonen , april 21, 2011
Dear Mr. Hansen,

I’d like to thank You and your band, because your music gave voice back to my beloved wife. I have heard little bit your music regularly durin last 25 years without knowing nothing about it.
The story is as follows.

My wife was 18 in 1978, when she came to Kjøllefjord with her good friend. They worked there one summer on the dock putting baits to Harald Olsens fishing lines. And young girls they were, they listened norwegian pop-music, learned norwegian language and to sing the song of Unit five - Æ e' nordlending æ!

Later, when they were grown-up and met each other twice a year, they very often sang this song and had happy evenings with good memories. Three year ago my wife got artery broken in her brains. It was operated succusfully, but as complication she got several strokes in her brains, which caused right side paralysis and she lost her ability to speak or make any kind of voice.

Terapists and doctors were very afraid, because quietness lasted so long time, that they were afraid that voice making organs will forget how to work. In this situation that old friend came to visit us and I asked her help: sing that old norwegian lilting, which you always sang, when met. She started from chorus, and after first Æ e' nordlending æ! my wife was laughing and singing along. With one word “too”, but following melody. Quietness was broken!

It was in December 2008. My wife still doesn’t speak, but she can communicat with sounds, gestures and expressions. And she loves to sing more than anything. When ever she is happy, she starts to sing without words, with melodies.

Thank you and your band about your music, it makes people happy and gave voice to one seriously ill old UnitFive-fan from 70’s.

Ilkka Pirhonen

PS. I tried to send this twice by kontakt-site, but it didn't work. So I send this by blog even this is quite personal story.

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